We aim to increase access to boarded cancer specialists for pet owners and pets diagnosed with cancer. Nearly 12 million dogs and cats receive a new cancer diagnosis each year and yet there are roughly 450 boarded cancer specialists in the United States and Canada. This experience is a nearly impossible process to navigate for pet owners, but we’re here to make things easier.

Internal Medicine

At Fidu, it’s our mission to increase everyday access to boarded internists in order to benefit pet owners and pets diagnosed with internal medicine diseases and disorders. That’s why our goal is to assist veterinarians in the diagnosis, treatment and client education of internal medicine cases. Our team enables you to provide the highest possible quality care to your clients.


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Our goal is to increase access for veterinarians caring for pets with complex skin diseases to board-certified dermatologists. Many complex skin disease patients have concurrent diseases and medications. Working with a veterinary dermatologist, veterinarians can work together to determine the right diagnostics and treatments to bring pets (and their owners) some relief!


Nutrition is a critical component in maintaining the overall health and well-being of both dogs and cats, and pet owners often have difficulty determining what is best to feed their pets based on conflicting information. Due to this uncertainty and lack of clarity regarding pet nutrition, there are a large number of pet owners who would like the input of a boarded nutritionist.

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