Jennifer DeBerry, DVM, DACVIM

Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to become a veterinarian. It was never a question. It’s simply something I knew from a very young age. We also had a lot of pets while I was growing up, so, I think my parents instilled into me a natural love and appreciation for them.

I genuinely enjoy helping families to understand the complexities of their pets’ medical condition by explaining things honestly and in a method that they can understand. 

First-time referring pcDVMs can expect a thorough review of their case, including a prompt and complete summary of problems, differentials, and recommendations for diagnostics. They will be instructed on how to interpret the results and the available options for treatment. I listen to all concerns, discuss all possibilities and provide options that work the best for their clients, pets, and their families with compassion and honesty.

My specific areas of expertise include endocrine disease and the interpretation of historical findings in order to formulate a diagnostic and treatment plan. 

Teamwork and communication are the foundation of all good relationships and are essential components of patient care.

Jennifer DeBerry - DVM