Tatjana Mirkovic, DVM, DACVIM

From an early age, I had an innate love of animals and was always drawn to them. To this day that has not changed. In fact, there are few things in life that make me happier than a dog, any dog. Pursuing a career in veterinary medicine has allowed me to combine a genuine desire to care and help both the animals that I love and the people who love them, with an interest in science and medicine. Although, I always wanted to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, I was somewhat dissuaded growing up as everyone including my family veterinarian said it was very competitive to get into veterinary college. My decision to pursue this career was solidified the sad night my first family dog passed away at home unexpectedly. I knew at that moment I wanted to help other families avoid the shock and helplessness that we felt that evening if I could. I applied to veterinary college that year and was accepted! To this day, I tell other students wanting to be veterinarians to persist and work hard and not to be dissuaded by those who say it is too competitive of a career to pursue.

What motivates me every day to go above and beyond with the services and approach that I provide in my clinical practice is the desire to treat patients and their human families the way I would want my own pets and my human family to be treated by their healthcare providers. I don’t only provide a diagnosis and a recommended plan. Instead, I try my best to ensure that pet owners and veterinarians understand their options and understand that we are there to support them whatever their decisions may be both in good and difficult times. I never want a pet owner or veterinarian to feel “lost or alone.”

It is my commitment to consulting veterinarians that your consultations will never be rushed. You are my colleagues and partners and I’m here to help you care for your patients and their families in whatever way that I can. If I am unable to give you an immediate informed answer, I will do all I can to follow up with you in a timely fashion with an answer. You should never feel like you have a “stupid/silly question”. The only “stupid/silly question” is the one that you don’t ask.

Referring veterinarians seek my repeat services as they find me to be accessible, thorough, pragmatic, easy to communicate with, and non-intimidating. They appreciate the hands-on personal and compassionate guidance and care that I provide to their clients and patients.

I enjoy managing and following chronic diseases such as endocrine cases (Cushing’s disease, diabetes mellitus for example), gastroenterology, hepatology, renal, infectious, and immune mediated diseases. I hope not only to help veterinarians manage these cases but guide you through step-by-step medical workups to achieve a diagnosis and “big picture treatment decisions” as the optimal treatment for a disease condition(s) may not be the best option for each pet and family.

It is my pledge to listen carefully, be collaborative, accessible, easy to talk to, and informative when a veterinarian seeks my advice and guidance. I see myself as part of a “triad of care” composed of the family veterinarian, myself the consulting specialist, and of course the patient’s owner/family.

I’m honored to be part of the Fidu consulting team, and I look forward to helping my veterinary colleagues as they care for their client’s furry family members and best friends.

Tatjana Mirkovic, DVM