Tristan Weinkle, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM)

Small animal internal medicine residency, Cornell University, 2003
Angell Memorial Animal Hospital small animal rotating internship, 2000
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, 1999
Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, Cornell University, 1995

Why did you first become a veterinarian?

A love of science and a love of nature turned into a love of animals early in life. I was lucky to have many family members that brought me into nature and let me explore the amazing world around us. This, paired with early interests in communication and business brought me to veterinary medicine. An amazing array of teachers and family offered mentorship and support at every step of my early education.

What motivates you to go above and beyond basic pet care with the services and approach you provide?

I have a passion for helping the people I interact with understand the complex disorders that we treat and what options best fit a particular situation. We often talk about a ‘gold standard’ of care but the realities are much more complex and I find that we are often much better served by listening and tailoring a plan to the individual situation.

If I am a first-time referring pcDVMs, what can I expect when consulting with you?

I really want pcDVMs to view me as part of their team. Expect me to listen. I want to know what questions you have and what the needs of your patient and client are. With that information I would hope to be able to help bolster not only the care of your patients, but also the experience of your clients. And in the mix, I expect we all learn together.

Why do pet owners & pcDVMs continue to come back to seek your advice for their pet care needs?

I believe that folks like my straight forward communication style and my willingness to tell them what I know and what I don’t know and how we start to answer questions so that they can make the decision that best suits their needs and goals.

What are the specific services or areas of expertise can you help pcDVMs with?

My primary interests are in liver, GI, and immune-mediated diseases. Always happy to discuss ultralight backpacking, herpetology, and scotch whisky in a pinch.

What is your approach to teamwork and communication?

I try to be honest and risk over-communication over under-communication. Every partnership and team has a different dynamic and I always look forward to finding my role and fostering a healthy dynamic.

If you could only describe yourself with three words, which would you choose?

Calm, considerate, confident

Do you have a mantra or philosophy you that you live by?

My core values focus on helping those around me, being part of a team that rows together, and focusing on the health and wellbeing of my family, my community, and myself.

Anything else you would like to add!

Family and hobbies… Wife Ella, two daughters Naja and Adena, a very old miniature poodle named Lula Hula Polly Poodle Weinkle. I spend as much time as I can hiking and backpacking in the NC mountains (or wherever), have a love of herpetology, and a fascination with the scotch whisky industry. Travel keeps the whole family happy.