Fidu is an online veterinary platform
designed by veterinarians, for veterinarians.

We created Fidu with the help of some of the best and brightest minds in veterinary medicine since we believe that only by working within the industry can you truly understand how to serve it best. 

In our modern age of “Dr. Google” and the rapid emergence of the tele-health industry, we wanted to support ALL veterinarians who are working diligently to provide their clients and patients with the very best medical care.

Fidu creates an inclusive ecosystem where both general practice veterinarians and boarded specialists can work seamlessly together, in order to provide clients and pets alike with greater accessibility to high-quality medical information and consultation.

We provide ongoing tele-consultations to veterinarians located anywhere, by phone, video, or email, when they are caring for a pet or working up a case that requires a specialist’s medical advice.

Fidu simply means trust. We want you to know, that you can trust in us at every step of the way.

Enabling general practitioners to:

Choose from a wide range of qualified specialists
Schedule a consultation that fits your schedule
Efficiently share medical records through our secure Online Portal prior to your consult
Improve continuity of care by working with a dedicated specialist throughout your case
Increase access to specialty care
Improve client loyalty and satisfaction
Develop knowledge and experience with more advanced cases

Enabling veterinary specialists to:

Provide help to both veterinary colleagues and pet-owning families
Enable access to care in areas where specialty care and consult may not already exist
Consult directly with referring veterinarians
Help veterinarians determine when an in-person referral is best for the pet on a case-by-case basis
Generate additional income by being compensated for your time and expertise
Work remotely, from anywhere around the world