Frequently Asked Questions

The initial consultation is $300 which includes a 15-minute follow-up call. Nutrition consultations are free. 

Your consultation includes a review of the case by your Fidu specialist, 15-minute phone or video consultation, and a written report that you will receive within 48 business hours of your phone/video consultation. This report will contain recommendations for your patient’s next diagnostic and/or treatment steps, as well as key case specifics discussed on the call. You will also get up to 15 minutes of followup with your specialist which can be in the form of emails, chats or phone call.

Your report will be emailed to you within 48 business hours of your phone/video consultation. If you have not received it within that timeframe, please contact

When you submit your initial consultation request, you’ll be directed to an online portal where you can upload medical records, diagnostic test results, and provide specific case information, questions and needs.

Absolutely! This is one of the reasons Fidu was born. We believe that continuity of care and continuity of discussion go hand in hand. We are here for you and your patients every step of the way.

Yep! Whenever possible, the same specialist will work with you- from the initial consult to follow-ups down the road.

We work fast! We will respond to your initial consultation request within 48 business hours*, and work to schedule our phone or video consultation with you within 72 business hours* (you can opt to receive only a report if you wish)!

Due to popular demand and the highly customized nature of nutrition consultations, our current turnaround time for nutrition consultations is 10-14 business days.

We’ll discuss those specifics during our phone/video consult. It’s always our job to provide recommendations for the very best care, but we understand that there can be limitations in what your hospital can offer.

We’re here to help you confirm or deny the need for those services and can also help you locate diagnostic providers when needed.

Once the initial consultation is submitted, your credit card will be billed.

We’re here to expand on the traditional consultation. While the information can often be similar, our specialists have the ability to provide you with more review of the case, written recommendations (which you can save to your management software and share with clients), and same-specialist follow-up. You’ll have options for an up to 1-hour long phone or video initial consult, so you don’t feel rushed and can discuss every nuance of your patient’s case. Better yet, no waiting on hold- we schedule consults based on YOUR schedule!

FiduVet started with oncology in mind, but we are expanding! We will soon offer consultations with specialists board-certified in nutrition, internal medicine, clinical pathology, and more! 

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No. The Fidu team works WITH general practitioners, not around them. We rely on your clinical assessment and treatment capabilities in-hospital. While technology affords us the ability to share our expertise and improve patient outcomes, we honor the veterinarian-client patient relationship above all. We will provide you with education to pass on to your clients. 

Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot provide after-hours consultations quickly. We certainly do our best to schedule a phone or video consult as soon as possible but cannot guarantee after-hours availability.