“…it was reassuring to my clients and myself, that there was a qualified specialist looking over the cases. It was well worth the consult!”

– Dr. Wixsom, Owner
Guardian Animal Medical Center

Our Goal

We aim to increase access to boarded cancer specialists for pet owners and pets diagnosed with cancer.

Nearly 12 million dogs and cats receive a new cancer diagnosis each year and yet there are roughly 450 boarded cancer specialists in the United States and Canada. We aim to increase access to boarded cancer specialists for pet owners and pets diagnosed with cancer. We’re here to make the process easier to navigate for pet owners and veterinarians.

Taking into account how difficult this can be, our goal is to assist veterinarians in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer cases. We want to provide the highest quality of medicine possible to enrich the pet’s as well as their owner’s quality of life. We also offer a wide range of reference materials, so you are properly educated on all the ins and outs of recommended treatment. These materials will include chemotherapy protocols, informational sheets, videos, and more.

Creating A Relationship With Your Specialist

Speaking and working with many different specialists can be confusing and makes it difficult to create a rapport and bond with your specialist. We know how important your patient’s pets are to them, which is why we are here to help ensure they receive the utmost respect and care. Fidu allows you to establish a relationship with your specialist, and they will be there for every step of the way working with you directly from beginning to end. We believe this continuity and familiarity is important to you and the patient in your care.

We’re flexible. We’re here to help your client and their pet’s needs. Our specialists can either work with you for a one-time consultation or provide support for an on-going medical treatment.

Why Is This Service Important?

The initial consultation is just step one. Cancer cases often require ongoing consistent help after that first discussion. Whether it is to help interpret blood work prior to chemotherapy or a nadir CBC appointment, making important decisions when it comes to decreasing chemotherapy doses based on a pet’s side effects, or you’re contemplating what protocol to switch to after a patient has relapsed, more times than not, additional assistance is needed. It truly helps when the oncologist is familiar with the case and has developed a meaningful relationship with you, the veterinarian.

Meet Your Specialists

Board-Certified Veterinary Medical Oncologists

Our Oncologists are ACVIM board-certified veterinary medical oncologist and internationally recognized speaker. Our recommendations and educational materials are based on the knowledge our specialists have gained during their specialty training, and decades of experience treating pets with cancer, and the latest scientific medicine and literature available.

Fidu implements ongoing telemedicine consultations to veterinarians regardless of their location through phone calls, video chats, and/or email.

Our consultations include the following:

Information on the biology and behavior for the cancer
Recommendations for initial and advanced diagnostics interpretation, as well as ongoing monitoring diagnostics during and after treatment protocols
Recommendations for treatments including chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and palliative options
Chemotherapy protocols
Prognostic factors and statistics
Access to helpful resources and educational materials to provide to the pet-owner
Resources to help you and your team communicate bad news

Our specialists are extremely devoted to helping animals through their illness and to finding the best options for each pet and their family.

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