Fidu makes speciality level care
more accessible than ever before when you need it most.

Welcome to Fidu!

Chances are if you clicked on this link, your primary veterinarian is consulting with us about your pet to receive a boarded specialist’s advice. We’re thrilled they’ve chosen to work with us, but now it’s our turn to introduce ourselves to you.

Fidu is a teleconsulting organization that specializes in connecting general practicing veterinarians with our boarded veterinary specialists via phone, video conference, text, and/or email. Our specialist’s love of animals and long-standing desire to help your pet receive the best treatment available, with the latest technology, helps to ensure the best standard of care.

Our specialists are highly-trained around specific areas of expertise including internal medicine, oncology, dermatology, and nutrition. They help general practice veterinarians and their team by consulting with them in these areas and providing exceptional attention-to-detail in special scenarios where your vet has deemed it necessary.

Part of what makes Fidu so unique is that as a teleconsulting platform, instead of merely suggesting a referral, your veterinary practitioner can contact us directly and get a boarded specialist’s advice anytime, anywhere. This means your beloved animal gets all of the special attention they deserve with each case that’s as unique as they are

By working closely with your veterinarian, Fidu makes specialty level care more accessible than ever when you need it most.

Our specialists review your pet’s medical record, including relevant blood work, cytology, biopsies, X-rays and ultrasounds, similar to a review that happens at an in-person consultation. This allows the specialist to provide a more comprehensive and personalized consultation of your pet to your veterinarian.

Making the lives of both pet owners and veterinarians easier is what we do. We’re passionate about serving the veterinary community one teleconsultation at a time and we’re thrilled at the opportunity to serve both you and your pet.

If you would like your veterinarian to consult with a boarded Fidu specialist, please have your veterinarian email us at We will work with your veterinarian to facilitate the referral process.