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By offering dermatology services, our goal is to increase access for veterinarians caring for pets with complex skin diseases to board-certified dermatologists.

In the United States, there are approximately 300 boarded dermatologists. This is an incredibly small number when compared to the astounding amount of pet-owning families in the U.S: 85 million according to a 2018 survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association.

As such, many clients cannot readily find an in-person consultation with a dermatology specialist, simply because they are far away and can be hard to find. Still, both clients and veterinarians would like the input of these specialists in order to improve the outcome of cases where the health and comfort of pets are being adversely impacted.

There are hundreds of different skin diseases in dogs and cats. These diseases range from allergic skin diseases, infectious and parasitic skin diseases, skin cancer and the manifestation of underlying internal disease processes. Skin diseases can also involve the hair, ears, nails and nail beds of pets. Treatment options can vary tremendously, and many complex skin disease patients have concurrent diseases and medications. Working with a veterinary dermatologist, veterinarians can work together to determine the right diagnostics and treatments to bring pets (and their owners) some relief!

At Fidu, consultations with our dermatologists are as unique as each specific case that’s brought to us. We specialize in chronic infections and inflammatory conditions, chronic and severe skin and ear diseases, immune-mediated and hormonal skin disease as well as skin manifestations of internal diseases and endocrine disorders.

Our specialists will review your patient’s files, then meet with you via video and/or phone (optional).

Next, you receive a copy of your consultation, alongside a complete written report containing detailed recommendations for next steps. These notes and recommendations are perfect to share with your clients and can be added directly to existing medical records.

Veterinary dermatologists are adept at identifying lesions/sores and the patterns they form on animals while using a selection of highly specific diagnostic procedures to determine the issue. Some diagnostic procedures commonly used by veterinary dermatologists include but are not limited to, skin cytology, skin scrapings, skin/ear cultures, skin testing, and skin biopsy. Due to the hands-on nature of these tests, cases may eventually be referred to a local boarded dermatologist.

Fidu also provides supporting materials in order to help you as your clinic case progresses. We provide everything from diagnostic and therapeutic plans to client handouts and client-friendly online resources.

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Ongoing Consultation

It’s not uncommon for dermatology cases to require ongoing, consistent consult due to the chronic nature of many conditions. If you are managing a case in general practice, we can help you interpret test results, adjust the therapeutic approach, and discuss future testing and treatment options.

Our primary goals are to assist veterinarians in the diagnosis, treatment and client education of dermatology cases. When working with Fidu, our team enables you to provide the highest possible quality care, while letting pets and families enjoy a higher quality of life.

Consulting with a dermatologist earlier on in many cases will lead to better outcomes for these cases, and thus, happier clients and patients.

Of course, it helps when the dermatologists know the case, and you, the veterinarian.

More About Us

Fidu dermatology specialists are board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Dermatology. We provide ongoing teleconsultations to veterinarians located anywhere, by phone, video, or email, when they are caring for a pet or working up a case.

Dermatology consultations with Fidu include the following services:

A comprehensive review of health history, physical examination, and current diagnostics
Recommendations for next level diagnostics and/or treatments based on the specific case and the specific needs of the client
A written record of case examination alongside our recommendations
Easy to read and understand client handouts
Links to helpful online resources

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