Internal Medicine

At Fidu, it’s our mission to increase everyday access to boarded internists in order to benefit pet owners and pets diagnosed with internal medicine diseases and disorders.

We know that both in the United States and Canada, there are a limited number of internal medicine specialists. Many cases are unable to receive an in-person consultation with a specialist for a variety of reasons, including proximity, cost and lack of access to care. Still, these pets and veterinarians could benefit tremendously from accessing the right specialists to help them improve the outcome of their case.

That’s why our goal is to assist veterinarians in the diagnosis, treatment and client education of internal medicine cases. Our team enables you to provide the highest possible quality care to your clients, allowing pets and their families to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Consultations with our internists are as unique as each specific case that’s brought to us.

Our specialists review your patient’s files, then meet with you via video and/or phone. Next, you receive a copy of your consultation, alongside a complete written report containing detailed recommendations for the next steps. These notes and recommendations are perfect to share with your clients and can be added directly to existing medical records.

The Fidu team is also pleased to provide you with additional supporting materials to help you as your clinical case progresses. This includes everything from diagnostic and therapeutic plans, to hospitalized treatment sheets, client handouts and trusted client-friendly online resources.

Meet Your Specialists

Ongoing Consultation

Internal medicine cases are often chronic conditions and thus, they require ongoing, consistent help beyond the initial consult. If you’re managing a case in general practice, we’re here to help you interpret test results, adjust medical therapy, and discuss future testing and treatment options. Working with Fidu allows you to gain access to our specialists throughout the case, so you gain confidence knowing there’s a team behind you every step of the way.

Medicine cases are often puzzling and can be difficult to both diagnose and manage. Working with an internal medicine specialist will help you to solve these tough cases and manage them for the long-term. Too often, lectures and books only help with the diagnosis and do not give you the tools to manage these chronic cases on an ongoing basis.

It makes a world of difference when the internist knows the case and knows you, the veterinarian.

More About Us

Fidu’s team includes multiple ACVIM board-certified veterinary internal medicine specialists. We provide ongoing telemedicine consultations to veterinarians located anywhere, by phone, video, or email when they are caring for a pet or working up cases.

Internal Medicine consultations with Fidu include the following services:

A comprehensive review of history, physical, and current diagnostics
Recommendations for next level diagnostics and/or treatments based on the specific case and the specific needs of the client
Recommendations for subsequent testing and how to adjust treatment plans in the future
A written record of case examination alongside our recommendations
Easy to read and understand client handouts
Links to helpful online resources if available

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