Complimentary Nutrition Consultations

*This program has met capacity, and we are currently not accepting any new nutrition consultations.

At Fidu, it’s our mission to increase everyday access to board-certified nutritionists in order to benefit pet owners and pets requiring veterinary nutritional support services.

Choosing a diet for our patients and pets can be a complex process that involves considering local economic factors, the availability of certain options, a pet’s unique needs, preferences, and their owners’ personal philosophies.

Nutrition is a critical component in maintaining the overall health and well-being of both dogs and cats, and pet owners often have difficulty determining what is best to feed their pets based on conflicting information.

Due to this uncertainty and lack of clarity regarding pet nutrition, there are a large number of pet owners who would like the input of a boarded nutritionist.

We as veterinarians know that by having the opportunity to offer this to our clients, we can improve the day to day health of pets and extend their lifespan, too.

Fidu believes that increased access to nutritional counseling can help to mitigate and even prevent a variety of problems and diseases, including but not limited to the following:

Internal Medicine issues including urinary/renal disease, gastrointestinal disease, liver disease, and pancreatitis
Dermatology conditions and common skin issues
Orthopedic Issues
Certain geriatric ailments

The Fidu team leverages the latest findings in veterinary science to inform pet owners of how they can better care for and feed their pets. Good nutrition adds to the quality of life while extending lifespans.

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Ongoing Consultation

Each consultation is unique, as are the specific cases at hand. We can assist with the formulation of specific, homemade diets to treat a variety of diseases, as well as obesity and weight loss. We can also recommend pet-specific supplements and assist with parenteral or partial parenteral nutrition of patients in intensive care. Follow-up questions, progress reports, and alterations to the diet plan can be adjusted on an as-needed basis.

The Fidu team will also provide additional supporting materials to help you with your clinical cases.

More About Us

Fidu includes a team of American College of Veterinary Nutritionist (ACVN) board-certified veterinary nutritionists, who are equipped to provide ongoing teleconsultations to veterinarians located anywhere, by phone, video or email, while caring for a pet or working up a specific case.

Nutrition consultations with Fidu include the following services:

A comprehensive review of history, physical, and current diet.
Review of dietary/nutritional concerns of the pet owner and veterinarian
Recommendations for commercial diets, supplements, or a recipe for a homemade diet
Easy to read and understand client handouts
Links to helpful online resources if available

*This program has met capacity, and we are currently not accepting any new nutrition consultations.